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Electronic Sprayer

Electronic Sprayer

The electronic sprayer is a special effect equipment specially designed for stage, party and wedding. Keywords:Electronic Sprayer, China, Customized, Quality, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory, Price

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Product Description

1 Introduction to electronic sprayer

The electronic sprayer is a special effect equipment specially designed for stage, party and wedding. 

The equipment adopts 433MHz wireless and standard DMX-512 communication dual control. 

The control system is simple and easy to use. It can be used indoors and outdoors. It is used for supporting the stage with the best effect, safe and environmental protection, no odor, no gunpowder, no open fire, non-toxic and harmless. 

It can be touched by hand, with tilt protection Case overtemperature protection, movement overtemperature protection, movement temperature abnormal protection, machine current overload protection, one key start, remote control without console mode supports a variety of special effect modes. Factory direct sales, quality assurance, let you use at ease.

2 Introduction of electronic sprayer

The stage electronic fireworks machine is also called electronic fireworks machine. This fireworks machine integrates a series of technologies such as intelligent electronics, magnetic energy, dynamics, mechanics and so on. 

The electronic sprayer has changed the traditional fireworks principle. It is a high-tech product with environmental protection, safety, smoke-free, fire-free and zero pollution. 

It integrates the function of artificial intelligence and one key operation. It can play a strong role in rendering and setting off the scene atmosphere and give a full sense of science and technology to life. 

It is deeply favored by a wide range of dance designers and any festive places. We are the source of the factory and look forward to win-win cooperation with you!

3 Parameters of electronic sprayer (specification)

Model: yh-yhj-a3

Dimensions: L * w * h 185mm×165mm×245 mm

Weight: 5.5 kg

Input parameter: AC 220V 50Hz AC 110V 50Hz

Working power: 500W

Operating temperature: - 10℃~ 50℃

Spray height: large consumables (3 ~ 5m) medium consumables (2 ~ 3M)

Spraying direction: vertical upward

Interface type: dual DMX interface, dual AC power interface

Control mode: remote control 433MHz control, standard DMX-512 signal control

4 Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Since you purchased the electronic sprayer from Youhua Electronics (subject to the delivery date of Youhua company), the manufacturer shall be responsible for the free warranty of the whole product for 12 months in case of failure or damage under normal use. Beyond the warranty period, reasonable maintenance fees will be charged.

Under the following circumstances during the warranty period, our company will charge a certain maintenance fee according to the situation.

1. Failure or damage caused by incorrect installation and use not in strict accordance with the requirements

2. Failure caused by using electronic sprayer for abnormal function

3. Failure or damage caused by repair, modification or disassembly without permission

4. Faults and damages caused by natural disasters and other force majeure (such as lightning, earthquake, fire, etc.)

5. The company will no longer provide maintenance services for the electronic sprayer beyond the warranty period.

Note: under the following circumstances, our company has the right not to provide warranty service

1. If the brand, trademark, serial number, nameplate and other marks of the products won the bid are damaged and cannot be identified, the manufacturer will not provide warranty.

2. If the user fails to pay the balance according to the sales contract signed by both parties, the warranty will not be granted.

3. When the user deliberately conceals the improper use of the product in the process of installation, configuration, operation and maintenance from the after-sales service provider of the manufacturer, the warranty will not be granted.

4. In principle, the faulty products are sent back to the manufacturer for maintenance, and the manufacturer also has the right to entrust others to be responsible for the warranty.


Q: what is the input voltage of the electronic sprayer?

A: AC / 220V, AC / 110V. Just tell the customer service about the requirements.

Q: when can I ship it?

A: contact customer service to confirm the delivery time.

Q: what kind of logistics?

A: for small pieces, air freight forwarders will be used, and for large pieces, sea freight forwarders will be used.

Q: what is the power of the electronic sprayer?

A: 500W.

Q: how much does a electronic sprayer weigh?

A: the net weight is 5kg.

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