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20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater

20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater

20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater has been widely used in China. It is a new product to replace the traditional heating mode. It has fast heating and high utilization rate; Controllable and adjustable, high stability; Reduce labor cost, improve site environment and improve work efficiency. Now the factory sells directly to foreign customers. We look forward to win-win cooperation with you!Keywords:20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater, China, Customized, Quality, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory, Price

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Product Description

1 Introduction to 20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater

The 20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater first rectifies 380V, 50|60hz AC into DC, and then converts DC into high-frequency high-voltage power with frequency of 8-20kHz. 

When the high-frequency high-voltage current with high-speed change flows through the coil, it will produce an alternating magnetic field with high-speed change. 

When the magnetic force line in the magnetic field passes through the magnetic metal material, it will produce countless small eddy currents in the metal body, making the metal material itself heat at high speed, so as to achieve the purpose of heating the material in the metal barrel.

2 Matching parameters (specifications) for 20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater



Insulation layer thickness(CM)

Reference line length (m)

Line (square)

20kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater





25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater






3 Advantages of 20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater

1. The 20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater is used to replace the original heating ring heating, open fire heating and heating pipe heating, which completely solves the problems of too high ambient temperature and serious environmental pollution. Compared with the original heating mode, it saves 30% power and costs for you.

2. After the transformation, the material barrel generates heat by itself, so that the heat will not be lost to the air under the thermal insulation of the thermal insulation layer.

3. The 20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater adopt unique design structure, with uniform heating surface temperature and accurate temperature control, so as to prolong the service life of barrel and screw rod.

4. The 20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater has high heating efficiency and uniform heating, which can significantly reduce the heating time and improve the product output and quality.

5. The 20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater hardly radiates heat to the peripheral space, with high power density and can be heated to a temperature above 350 ℃;

6. The heat conversion efficiency of the high-efficiency and energy-saving mode is more than 90%, and the power consumption is about 30% lower than that of the resistance coil heating mode under the same conditions

7. The heat is concentrated inside the heating body, the external heat dissipation is almost zero, the surface of the equipment can be touched by the human body, and the ambient temperature is reduced from more than 60 ℃ when the original resistance coil is heated to normal temperature, which greatly improves the working conditions on the production site, effectively improves the production enthusiasm of workers, reduces the heat stroke rate and reduces the ventilation and cooling cost of the plant;

8. When the 20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater is applied to the wire drawing machine, the effect is more obvious on the die head.

4 Parameters of 20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater

1. Input power supply: 380V / 30 A * 3P, 380V/37A * 3P

2. Output power: 20kw, 25kw

3. Operating frequency: 8 ~ 20KHz

4. Excitation coil: l = 140uh; Q=2.5~3, l = 142uh; Q=2.5~3

5. Thermal efficiency utilization rate: 90% ~ 95%

6. IGBT overheat protection is 75 ± 2 ℃ by default

7. IGBT also has overcurrent protection

8. Product size: 432mm * 288mm * 200mm

9. With soft start heating / stop function

10. Input current: 30A, 37A

11. The 20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater adopts 16 square meters high temperature line, about 40 meters

12. The thickness of thermal insulation cotton is 2.5cm to 3cm (subject to the parameters of wound high-temperature wire)

13. The latest resonant circuit control circuit and high-speed microprocessor are adopted, which makes the protection speed faster and the equipment more stable;

14. Imported high-speed AC cooling fan is adopted, which has stronger and safer cooling effect;

15. Special IGBT module driver imported from the United States;

16. The world famous brand imported Infineon IGBT module is adopted;

17. Industrial quality design scheme, more than 10 sets work at the same time on the same heater without mutual interference, high reliable application;

18. MTBF over 10000 hours

19. The product is free of warranty for one year, and the promised power saving rate is at least 30%.

5 The wiring diagram of 20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater is as follows

6 Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Since you purchased the 20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater from Youhua Electronics (subject to the delivery date of Youhua company), the manufacturer shall be responsible for the free warranty of the whole product for 12 months in case of failure or damage under normal use. Beyond the warranty period, reasonable maintenance fees will be charged.

Under the following circumstances during the warranty period, our company will charge a certain maintenance fee according to the situation.

1. Failure or damage caused by incorrect installation and use not in strict accordance with the requirements

2. Fault caused by using 20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater for abnormal function

3. Failure or damage caused by repair, modification or disassembly without permission

4. Faults and damages caused by natural disasters and other force majeure (such as lightning, earthquake, fire, etc.)

5. For the 20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater beyond the warranty period, the company will also provide lifelong paid maintenance service.

6. We promise to provide 3-month warranty service for all its charged maintenance products.

7. The service fee shall be calculated according to the actual cost. If there is another sharing, the principle of sharing first shall be adopted

Under the following circumstances, our company has the right not to provide warranty service

1. If the brand, trademark, serial number, nameplate and other marks of the products won the bid are damaged and cannot be identified, the manufacturer will not provide warranty.

2. If the user fails to pay the balance according to the sales contract signed by both parties, the warranty will not be granted.

3. When the user deliberately conceals the improper use of the product in the process of installation, configuration, operation and maintenance from the after-sales service provider of the manufacturer, the warranty will not be granted.

4. In principle, the faulty products are sent back to the manufacturer for maintenance, and the manufacturer also has the right to entrust others to be responsible for the warranty.


Q: How much V power is input to the 20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater?
A: 380V

Q: How many meters of high temperature line are needed for the 20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater?
A: About 40 meters. Based on the inductance data measured by the bridge, L=140UH/L=120UH

Q: When will it be delivered?
A: place an order the next day can send, if the quantity is large, you can contact customer service to confirm the delivery time.

Q: what logistics?
A: Small pieces go through forwarder air pieces, large pieces go through forwarder sea.

Q: How much amperage is the 20kw to 25kw Fryer Electromagnetic Heater?
A: The input current is 30A/37A.

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